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Futral, Kyle Principal
McGhee, Mark Assistant Principal

Baird, Torey Head Baseball Coach
Billings, Cathy Mathematics
Bobo, Lyndee Mathematics
Boling, Shon History
Broom, Robert History
Carnes, Chinita Special Education
Collins, Michael History
Cowart-Brown, Emily Science/Chemistry
Daniel, Jennifer Business/Marketing and Co-op Coordinator
Dobbins, Joshua Physical Education
Fitzgerald, Ginger Special Education
Franklin, Alison Science
Franklin, Jason History/Football Coach
Garner, Justin Agriscience
Hawkins, Kerra English
Hickman, Travis Band
Hutcheson, Stacey Science
Johnson, Elizabeth Science
Keeter, Joanna Mathematics
Lindsey, Carolee History/Spanish
Long, Theresa Family Consumer Science/Culinary Arts
Merritt, Dallas English
Miller, Kim Guidance Counselor
Otwell, Daryl Driver's Ed./Athletics
Perkins, Natalie Business/Marketing
Pratt, Lana Library Media Specialist
Rogers, Alyssia English
Sellers, Michelle English
Watkins, Kelli Math

Brown, Shelley In School Suspension (ISS) Aide
Clark, Heather Bookkeeper
Connor, Sue Administrative Secretary
Guary, Brandi Special Education Aide
Mallette, Madison Special Education Aide
Mitchell, Barbara Distance Learning Aide
Staton, Mary Attendance Clerk