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Junior Civitan

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G.L. Howard (sponsor) Phone Icon (334) 569-3034 Email Icon Email
  Pres: Lemar McCormick


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THE 2015-2016 OFFICERS

Sponsor - G.L. Howard (old)
President - Lemar McCormick (12th)
Vice President - Elizabeth Howard (11th)
Secretary - Nicole Tyler (11th)
Treasurer - KK Buck (12th)
Chaplain - Jack Broom (11th)
PR Coordinator - Brianna Duncan (11th)


*** Junior Civitan Dues- $35.00 (Includes T-shirt).

*** New Members shall memorize the Junior Civitan Creed (see below) and be prepared to recite it to Ms. Howard***

   Junior Civitan Creed

I am a Junior Civitan;

An aware citizen of today, the standing promise of tomorrow.

I seek to meet the needs of our world, to be progressive in a world of change,

With compassion and understanding for the values and traditions of the past.

I value the security of knowing that wherever I am I will always

be within reach of a fellow Civitan.

I dedicate myself To society and to my fellow man with a commitment

To make the world a better place.



Rules & Regulations for ALL Members

- All members must attend Holtville High School, in the 9th through 12th grades.

- Members should attend all meetings, which are twice a month (once during break & the 1st Wednesday of the month from 3-3:30).  If a student is going to miss a meeting he/she should clear it with Mrs. Howard before hand!  Members must sign-in at every meeting and activity.

- All members must pay all dues by the due date! (Dues = $35 -- includes cost of T-shirt) 

- All members must know & be able to recite the Jr. Civitan Creed aloud.

- Members that have negative discipline or behavior will be terminated from the club.  Termination will also occur if students are performing at a failing level in their classes!  *NO money will be refunded due to membership termination!!!

- All Seniors must participate in the Jr. Civitan activities in order to receive a Jr. Civitan Cord at graduation.

- All members must complete community service & always look for ways to help others at your school & in the community.