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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Holtville High School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide an education that encourages each student to increase abilities, enhance self-esteem, and develop responsibility and mutual respect in a safe, structured environment which promotes academic and social development.

  About The School  

Philosophy and Objectives

     The mission of Holtville High School is to develop a student who is motivated and prepared to become a productive, well-rounded individual in a global society. Even though the physical and social make-up of our community has undergone change, Holtville High School continues to serve its community with a sense of pride and achievement. We believe that all children can learn and acquire certain skills that shall be presented in a positive, safe and orderly environment. It is our aim to provide a flexible and stimulating environment that activates each student's interests in all aspects of the curriculum and that motivates each student to seek attainable goals. The faculty strives to modify its curriculum and learning theories to meet each student's needs and ability levels. We will create an environment that fosters in our students positive social values to enhance their individual integrity, to build their self-esteem, to instill pride in their home, community, and school, and to heighten their respect for the privilege of being a citizen of the United States.

     We believe that is the responsibility of the faculty to encourage experiences for students, which enable them to master essential skills. The faculty should promote the mutual respect and open exchange of ideas among students, faculty, administrators and community members. It is also the responsibility of the faculty to continually enrich his/her knowledge to provide each student with greater intellectual stimulation and encouragement toward a lifelong love of learning.

The following objectives will be our guideline in implementing our philosophy:

  1. Students will be provided with accurate information and guidance in developing techniques and attitudes, which will enable them to make critical decisions about current social and moral issues.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of their own worth, abilities, potentials and limitations.
  3. Students will become effective and responsible citizens through participation in activities and organizations in our school, community, state, country and world.
  4. Students will develop pride for their school and a sense of responsibility for the buildings and equipment.

Alma Mater

We will sing for Holtville High School

Wherever we may be.

May those happy days be cherished

In our fondest memories.

Where those green and white are flowing,

Flowing for our loyalty,

We will sing for Holtville High School,

And our pride she'll ever be.